Utility Department

The Bolivar Gas system was started in 1954 serving Bolivar, Middleton and Whiteville, and now serves three counties, Hardeman, McNairy and Chester. The system has 47 miles of 6” main, 64 miles of 4” and 3” mains and 221 miles of 2” main. Additionally, there are two main gate stations, one located in Middleton on Highway 125 south operating 240 psi and one located on Highway 64 west of Selmer operating 375 psi. The Division serves over 5,000 active customers.

Water plant

Wastewater treatment

Natural gas

The Bolivar Water Plant serves 2,823 active water customers. The water supply comes from four wells approximately 615 feet deep. The plant supplies 1,200,000 gallons of treated water per day. Sodium hypochlorite, lime and fluoride are added to treat the water. The plant also supplies Spring Creek Utility District and Hornsby Utility District.

The wastewater treatment facility has a design flow of 1.4 mgd. The average influent is 850,000 gpd and effluent is 750,000-800,000 gpd. The wastewater department serves approximately 2,593 customers.

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Clyde Dellinger,Director

Utility Board Minutes

The Bolivar Utility Board meets the first Wednesday of every month at 12:00 PM at the Bolivar Municipal Center.

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